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A consultation provides you with an expert opinion without the expense of a full contract. Sometimes people need advice on cost or design to decide if they want to or can afford to start the project. We offer customized consultations in all of our service areas to assist you in making informed decisions on your projects.

A typical consultation runs from 2-4 hours and will explore the costs and feasibility of your potential project. Using our years of expertise we can help establish your goals, discuss the challenges specific to your project, form cost estimates and discuss a realistic schedule in moving forward. On larger projects we may discuss broader changes to be implemented. On a smaller project we may figure out detailed specifics through sketches.

At the end of the consultation the client will have design advice, budgeting advice and an idea of what to expect when they proceed with the project. Customizing the consultation to your needs we sometimes provide schematic drawings, sketches and perspective views to assist you in visualizing the end result. For most projects, the next step is to develop a full Architectural proposal for the project.

Examples of small project consultations include:

  • Advice for opening up a floor plan in an older home
  • Moving structural walls
  • Selecting options, colors and materials for interior renovations
  • Kitchen or Bathroom renovations

Examples of larger project consultations include:

  • Evaluating whole house renovations
  • Exterior facade updates
  • Site feasibility studies
  • Large project cost estimations
  • Establishing a realistic scope of work based on your budget

A standard consultation is $495. This fee is credited back should you go on to do a larger project with us.